Buying An Eco Friendly Dishwasher For Your Home

Having an electric dishwasher in your home might not seem like the most environmentally friendly thing to do. I was of this opinion for quite some time until I actually looked into the energy consumption of today’s modern dishwashers versus doing the washing up and dishes yourself. If you’re going for an eco friendly commercial dishwasher, domestic dishwasher or other commercial catering equipment, if you’re prepared to pay a little more you can get yourself a machine that will save you a lot of money and energy in the long run.

So how does an eco friendly dishwasher save you money and energy?

If you’re anything like me, in order to keep the kitchen tidy and over run by dirty dishes you do the dish cleaning in small batches meaning the hot water boiler comes on several times a day in order to heat up the water. If were to buy a commercial dishwasher or a top of the range dishwasher with built in energy conservation features, you would be pleasantly surprised with how little energy you would actually end up using. By doing your entire dishwasher all at once rather than in small batches, it means you only have to heat your water up once, this saving you energy.

Using Oak beams in an eco friendly home

Now as a friend of the environment and by extension the many forest that we have in Britain, the last thing that you would image I would advocate is cutting down trees that free the atmosphere of harmful carbon dioxide. Before you think I’ve gone mad though, just consider a second the benefits that oak beams can bring to your home as well as the environment.

oak beams

Now if you aren’t using oak beams for flooring and other decoration, then the chances are that you’re using a form of plastic. As you may well know, plastics are oil based which means that a refinery has had to process your decorations at some point in order to create them, there are few things more harmful to the environment than harvesting and using fossil fuels in this way.

Now I know what you’re thinking but sourcing oak beams is harmful too. Well not as harmful as you would think actually, now however you build or decorate your home, there’s going to be some impact in some way, whether it’s the machinery that you actually use to fashion your home or in the materials themselves. The thing with cutting down oak trees for their wood though is that they can be replaced, not necessary like for like as this type of tree takes hundreds of years to grow and mature into full size but with many other faster growing trees to take their place to make up for it.



Decorating your environmentally friendly home.

This article is going to kick-start the little things that can add a lot of life to your new eco friendly way of living. When decorating or redecorating your home it can often be assumed that decorating is not only costly on your bank balance but also the environment. This does not have to be the case, as I take you through a list of things that can ease you into earth friendly and cost effective methods of adding life to your new home.


A lick of paint: There are several eco friendly paints available online and in stores that emit very low fumes and odours. You can either go with water based paints or oil based. Oil based paints are traditionally favoured because of their renowned longevity and polished finish. They are often made using sustainable vegetable oils without affecting the overall quality of the finish. Water based paints are also a clever choice, though it doesn’t carry quite the same finish water based paints carry virtually no respiratory issues nor do they carry an odour. They have a very good eco-rating which means that you won’t have to worry about solvent contributions to the atmosphere.

Glass Jars: There has been an influx in the popularity of glass within the home. Save your jars of pesto, or pasta sauce and paint the lids so that you can have personalised storage pieces that add new life to the home in cost effective environmentally friendly manner.

Keep it natural: Take some inspiration from the great outdoors. Next time your on a walk through the forest, or by the sea side or even through your local park make a concerted effort to interesting, and free, décor for the home. Pick up some pinecones or some seashells, these are great design features for any home and will give it that homely feel. You can also glue these to furnishings, such as coffee tables, wardrobes or even just a decorative piece for the bedside table.

Bookcase: A bookcase is for books, right? Not necessarily. A little bit of sanding here and a coat of paint there and you’ve got yourself a china cabinet. This can prove very useful for storing crockery. Why not take it a step further with a touch of genius and turn your unwanted dolls house into a spice rack. Turning DIY into child’s play, literally.

Pot-plants: This is the most obvious one but a pot plant can do a lot to add a bit of green the household. It not only gives it that new and fresh look but also serves as an air filter for the family keeping the air flowing, simply by absorbing carbon dioxide and emitting oxygen.

Hopefully this article has done a lot to get your creative juices flowing, decorating doesn’t have to be a costly chore. It can be done using a bit of creativity, giving new life to those unwanted items in the house.