Using Oak beams in an eco friendly home

Now as a friend of the environment and by extension the many forest that we have in Britain, the last thing that you would image I would advocate is cutting down trees that free the atmosphere of harmful carbon dioxide. Before you think I’ve gone mad though, just consider a second the benefits that oak beams can bring to your home as well as the environment.

oak beams

Now if you aren’t using oak beams for flooring and other decoration, then the chances are that you’re using a form of plastic. As you may well know, plastics are oil based which means that a refinery has had to process your decorations at some point in order to create them, there are few things more harmful to the environment than harvesting and using fossil fuels in this way.

Now I know what you’re thinking but sourcing oak beams is harmful too. Well not as harmful as you would think actually, now however you build or decorate your home, there’s going to be some impact in some way, whether it’s the machinery that you actually use to fashion your home or in the materials themselves. The thing with cutting down oak trees for their wood though is that they can be replaced, not necessary like for like as this type of tree takes hundreds of years to grow and mature into full size but with many other faster growing trees to take their place to make up for it.